Finca El Altozano, the following cancellation policy applies:

The cancellation of the reservation will give the right to retain, as compensation, the following percentage of the required signal:

  • 5% when the cancellation is made more than thirty days before the date set to occupy the accommodation.
  • 50% when it is done with thirty days or less and more than seven.
  • 100% when done with less than seven days.

If the client does not show up on the arrival date, the Accommodation will also charge 100% of the fixed rate for 1 night on the credit card given by him as a guarantee of the reservation.

In case of advancing the departure day established in the reservation, the client, in addition to paying the days of stay elapsed, will not have the right to a refund of the deposit paid on his day on account of the reservation.

NOTE: In the event that for any reason the dates of the stay had to be modified, Finca El Altozano will accept the change as long as there is availability and that it is made for a date between three months following, the new reservation must also be confirmed by e-mail or WhatsApp.


Reservations are not effective until they have been confirmed by the accommodation via email or WhatsApp and until 30% of the total amount of the stay has been deposited in the current account of the Rural House, or the charge of that 30% for the Accommodation on the credit / debit card indicated by the client with indication of number and expiration date.

In the case of booking the entire accommodation, the deposit will be 50% of the agreed budget and a deposit may be required.